Ford, GM to press on electric trucks to outflank Tesla

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Ford, GM to press on electric trucks to outflank Tesla

General Motor Co. and Ford Motor Co., the first- and second-largest US automakers by revenue had been seeking out a plan to replace their petroleum-fuelled engines with batteries aimed at eclipsing e-vehicle maker Tesla Inc.’s plan to counter their top brands, while Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford’s F-150 pickups alongside Detroit-based carmaker General Motor’s Chevrolet Silverado still remains top selling vehicles in the US market, Ford Chair Bill Ford said to a press agency at a recent interview published in a report on Friday, the 13th of September 2019.

On top of that, given the extent of Ford’s and General Motor’s latest aggressive moves towards electric pickups to outflank Tesla Inc.’s bid to corner them in the electric pickup industry, large pick up trucks with big combustion engines in the front driving the wheels at the back would likely to become leftovers of another century in a near-term outlook.

Further inside the bid, referring to an thorough reform of the electric F-series of Ford, Ford Chair Bill Ford said in the interview, “This is going to be a real watershed for the whole industry,” nonetheless the automaker had disclosed little details about its plans on electric F-Series, however, Ford hinted that the trucks would have carrying space under the hood apart from conventional bed of the pickup trucks saying, “You pick up all that extra space where the engine compartment has been,” which might leverage the automakers in its race-to-electric with e-vehicle maker, Tesla Inc.

Besides, Ford had also been quoted saying in his recent interview that the Dearborn, Michigan-based United States’ No. 2 automaker would be investing as many as $11.5 billion to electrify its fleet of pickup trucks by 2022, while the automaker was mulling to add more than 16 entirely electric models.