Former Airbus executive Eremenko steps down from UTC Technology

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Former Airbus executive Eremenko steps down from UTC Technology

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Farmington, Connecticut-based American multinational conglomerate, United Technology Corp. engaged in aircraft manufacturing, Paul Eremenko had decided to step down without disclosing any viable reason behind his abrupt stand down.

In point of fact, Eremenko’s surprise decision bolted out of the blue on Wednesday, the 18th of September 2019, which eventually shocked global aviation industry, as his decision to exit UTC came forth less than two years after his move to the US aircraft conglomerate from European aviation and defence behemoth, Airbus.

Aside from that, the aviation engineering company had confirmed Eremenko’s move later on Wednesday (September 18th), followed by a query of a press agency after a person familiar with the subject-matter had first unveiled the issue earlier on Tuesday (September 17th) saying that Eremenko would be leaving the owner of Jet engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney and the world’s largest supplier of aerospace toolkits, UTC.

Besides, in an emailed response, a UTC spokeswoman Michele Quintaglie said on Wednesday (September 18th), “Paul Eremenko has informed us of his intention to pursue opportunities outside the company,” adding that the UTC CTO had notified his intent to leave the company on Tuesday (September 17th) and Eremenko’s departure had been effective immediately, nonetheless, neither the UTC spokeswoman nor the sources who unveiled the issue yesterday (September 18th) did not disclose the reasons behind Eremenko’s surprise departure.

Nevertheless, Eremenko joined UTC on November 2017 after serving Airbus as its Chief Technology Officer for roughly a year and a half.