Facebook pulls off tens of thousands of apps on Cambridge Analytica issue

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Facebook pulls off tens of thousands of apps on Cambridge Analytica issue

On Friday, the 20th of September, the American online social media and social networking service titan, Facebook Inc., based on Menlo Park, CA, had issued a statement saying that the world’s largest internet service provider with ownership of four out of the top six internet services such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, had called off tens of thousands of apps on its social networking platform, as a part of the social media mogul’s sweeping overhaul in response to Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Besides, Facebook Inc. had also added in its Friday’s (September 20th) statement that the cancelled apps were associated with more than 400 developers, nonetheless, Facebook Inc. had also cushioned the developers saying that its latest ban on the developers had not been an indication that they were exposing users to potential threats.

In point of fact, latest Facebook Inc. move came forth a month after the Menlo Park-based company had agreed to pay a civil penalty of $5 billion in a bid to settle a govt. investigation on its privacy practices, the largest civil penalty ever paid by any company across the world.

Nonetheless, adding that the social networking behemoth had been making progress on privacy issues, the company said in a blogpost on Friday (September 20th), “We won’t catch everything, and some of what we do catch will be with help from others outside Facebook. ”