Low-cost carrier XL Airways seeks rescue deal with Air France

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Low-cost carrier XL Airways seeks rescue deal with Air France

Paris-based low-cost aircraft carrier XL Airways France, formerly known as Star Airlines, had urged Air France or Société Air France, S.A., the flagship French carrier for a rescue deal in order to avert a probable collapse of the low-cost carrier that had already stalled ticket sales alongside payments last week in context of its coffer which had been in dire strait over the recent months.

In point of fact, at a Sunday (September 22nd) meeting with Air France alongside French aviation regulators, XL Airways asked for a hefty sum of €35 million in fresh capital ahead of a court decision on Monday (September 23rd) which is expected to put the airliner on French Government’s custodial responsibility.

In context of such kind of unfathomable turmoils over the future of XL Airways, the low-cost airliner’s Chief Executive, Laurent Mignan had been quoted saying in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche that his airline could offer low-cost travels on long-haul routes for Air France in exchange for such kind of financing, while an Air France spokeswoman declined to comment over the subject-matter.

XL Airways used to operate four Airbus A330 aircraft, providing long-route direct flights to the Caribbean, United States alongside France’s Reunion Island before it was forced to halt flights earlier this week.