Are Japanese prosecutors trying to prolong Ghosn’s custody?

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Are Japanese prosecutors trying to prolong Ghosn’s custody?

A Japanese Newspaper, Sankei reported on Tuesday, 4th December that the Tokyo prosecutors have planned to arrest Carlos Ghosn over fresh claim of understating the income. As of now, the Japanese Prosecutors had not yet accused Ghosn, the former Nissan & Renault CEO, alongside the boss of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, of anything and he was held on the suspected financial misconduct, which included understating his personal income and personal use of Nissan’s money.

If the Japanese prosecutors did not put any fresh claim, they would not be able to imprison Ghosn over 23 days, as the Japanese law says. However, if fresh claim is to put on Ghosn, he might face a detention, that could last till the end of the year.

Ghosn had been detained in Tokyo since November 19th, after his arrest on the suspicion of understating his personal income. He was also accused of conspiring with former Nissan representative Director, Greg Kelly, regarding personal use of company money.

As the accusations state, the former Nissan and Renault boss, Carlos Ghosn, has been understating his compensation by about half of the original figures ($88 million), over eight years, from 2010. While Ghosn and Kelly had been in the custody, they were not allowed to talk, however several spokesmen familiar with this matter told that, they both denied the accusations.

While asking about the fresh claims, there had been no answer from Ghosn’s lawyer, Motonari Otsuru and the Tokyo prosecutors have also declined to comment regarding this issue.