US antitrust probers ask Spotify to detail alleged Apple abuse

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US antitrust probers ask Spotify to detail alleged Apple abuse

Late on Friday, the 4th of October 2019, US lawmakers had asked for detail information from Spotify, which had been a rival & critic to Apple Inc., over allegations of potential Apple Inc. abuse as part of an antitrust probe, two sources directly briefed over the investigation on Apple Inc.’s anticompetitive behaviour to support its own apps on Apple Stores had revealed.

On top of that, one of the two sources familiar with the probe had also been quoted saying late on Friday (October 4th) that the US House of Representative’s Judiciary Committee got across World’s largest audio streaming company by paid subscribers, Spotify Technology SA, with requests to unveil more intel on its accusation against the Cupertino, CA-based iPhone maker, adding that the US antitrust probers made multiple telephone calls while seeking for Apple Inc.’s anticompetitive behaviour.

In point of fact, back in March this year, the Swedish audio streaming giant with more than 100 million paid subscribers across the world, Stockholm-based Spotify Technology SA had filed an antitrust complaint in the EU Commission, nonetheless, latest contact of US congressional antitrust investigators marked the first known inquiry on to Spotify’s allegation that the Apple Inc.

had been exercising anti-competitive behaviour in its Apple Store to support its own audio streaming app, which had been the biggest rival of Spotify.