Court ruled Tesla’s Automated-Parking problems liabilities for app drivers

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Court ruled Tesla’s Automated-Parking problems liabilities for app drivers

On Friday, the 4th of October 2019, lawyers ruled after reviewing a series of internet videos showing parking problems with the Tesla’s new software update that the Tesla vehicle owners summoning their driverless cars from the parking lots using a new phone app Tesla Inc.

had released last week, should be held liable for any damages related to the summoning. Nonetheless, while the court ruling on Friday (October 4th) went in favour of the Tesla Inc. software maker, holding the defective app users responsible for liabilities, a number of industry analysts had been quoted saying following Friday’s (October 4th) hearing that Tesla Inc.

would likely to face off another legal fight unless it could fix the glitches at its latest car-summoning phone apps. In point of fact, a software upgrade for Tesla Inc. e-vehicle’s last week had provided its clients with a so-called Smart-Summon feature that could be used to summon the cars from parking lots by using a phone app, when the car would be within a range of 200 feet of the app users’ phones and in their line of sight.

Nonetheless, Thursday’s (October 4th) hearing comes forth on the heels of a NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) statement released on Wednesday (October 3rd) saying the US regulators were looking on to the latest parking lot crashes involving Tesla Inc.’s last week’s software upgrade.