Iranian minister reiterates stand for bonhomie with other ME nations

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Iranian minister reiterates stand for bonhomie with other ME nations

Iran is looking to have a cordial geopolitical relationship with its fellow middle-eastern countries, according to its oil minister Bijan Zanganeh, Reuters reported. Zanganeh’s comments were published in an article published in the official Iranian foreign ministry’s web portal SHANA.

Zanganeh said, “We want to be friends with all regional countries. Out mutual enemy is outside the Middle East... I have no problem to meet with Saudi Arabia’s oil minister”. Zanganeh also said that China that was to develop Phase 11 of the Islamic Republic’s South Pars field had decided not to go ahead with its involvement.

“China has pulled out of developing phase 11 of the South Pars field and Petropars will carry out the job”. Zanganeh’s statements come after the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that was held in New York a couple of weeks ago.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had attended the UNGA and when urged to meet the United States President Donald Trump declined to do so until the Trump-led administration waived off its imposed sanctions. These statements from the foreign minister also come at a time when Iran is battling severe allegations that it was responsible for the drone attacks on two of Saudi Arabian oil refineries on 14th September.

The attack led to about five per cent reduction in the worldwide oil supply. Yemen’s Houthi rebels who have been involved with a war with Saudi Arabia claimed their hand in the attack but both the United States and Saudi Arabia believe that Iran was culpable.