Weekend talks between UAW and GM take ‘turn for the worst’: Union

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Weekend talks between UAW and GM take ‘turn for the worst’: Union

On Sunday, the 6th of October 2019, the negotiations between General Motors Co., United States No. 1 automaker, and UAW, the workers’ union responsible to oversee the welfare of GM’s 48,000 hourly workers who had taken stance over the picketing line since September 16th, in a bid to resolve critical issues for a new four-year labour contract took a “turn for the worst” earlier on Sunday (October 6th) after the UAW (United Auto Workers) had rejected the leading US automaker’s latest proposal, nonetheless talks were ongoing between the sides, a UAW spokesman revealed earlier on Sunday (October 6th).

In point of fact, Sunday’s (October 6th) radical U-turn of the talks between the sides comes on the heels of a raft of riant comments Friday (October 4th) made by UAW vice president in charge of GM department, Terry Dittes.

Nonetheless, adding that the negotiation had worsened further, Terry Dittes had been quoted saying later on Sunday (October 6th) that General Motors’ Friday’s (October 6th) proposal had mostly been a reappearance of an earlier offer which UAW had rejected last month.

Besides, expressing sheer disappointment over the progress of the talks, Dittes said to reporters on Sunday (October 6th), “We, in this union, could not be more disappointed with General Motors. The company has shown an unwillingness to fairly compensate ... the UAW. ”