Mercedes-Benz offers €3,000 subsidy to retrofit older diesel car in Germany

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Mercedes-Benz offers €3,000 subsidy to retrofit older diesel car in Germany

Earlier this week, the German multinational automotive corporation, Stuttgart-based, Daimler AG, the parent-organization of luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz, had issued a statement saying that its Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany could apply for €3000 subsidy to upgrade exhaust filters of the older, polluting diesel vehicle, pointing towards the latest attempt of an European carmaker to avoid inner-city bans amid stiffer environment protection rules.

In point of fact, latest attempts of the German carmakers to upgrade exhaust treatment system of older cars was brought into light after German cities had begun to ban heavily-polluting diesel-run vehicles and to impose punitive fines on emission of particulate matter alongside toxic nitrogen oxide.

Meanwhile, the Stuttgart-based Germany’s leading automaker Daimler AG had launched a website earlier this week in order to process applications for financial aids to upgrade the exhaust systems of various models of older diesel-run Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles.

Apart from that, the company had also added in its recently launched website that it was offering subsidy to customers hailing from the German regions which had started off a series of potential driving bans. Nonetheless, according to the German carmaker, its first retrofit kit for Mercedes-Benz cars with ‘EURO 5’ diesel engine, which involve some of its best-selling E220 alongside E250 models, was developed by Dr Pley SCR Technology, a Bavaria-based privately-held business.