Kroger Co. to stop selling e-cigarettes at stores

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Kroger Co. to stop selling e-cigarettes at stores

On Monday, the 7th of October 2019, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based American retailing behemoth Kroger Co. had issued a public statement saying that the company had decided to stall selling of e-cigarettes at its fuel centres and stores amid growing criticism over the product, remarking the latest US supermarket chain to ban sales of e-cigarettes, which had been witnessing a soaring popularity among US teenagers.

On top of that, operator of the United States’ largest supermarket chains, Kroger Co. had also added in its Monday’s (October 7th) announcement that the company would stop selling e-cigarettes after emptying up its current inventory, adding “mounting questions and increasingly-complex regulatory environment associated with these products had forced the US hypermarket chain operator to adopt such stringent policy”.

In point of fact, Kroger Co.’s latest move to stop selling e-cigarettes follows US retailing industry giant, Walmart Inc.’s decision to halt selling e-cigarettes alongside electronic nicotine products later last month, while United States’ No.

1 online retailer, Inc. had also pledged to take down vapor appliances from its e-commerce platform. More surprisingly, the electronic nicotine delivery products, which was launched initially to help quit smoking, appeared to have become a boomerang over the narratives of a growing use of electronic vaping products among US teenagers.