UK Chipmaker Arm joins GM, Toyota to seek common ground on car chips

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UK Chipmaker Arm joins GM, Toyota to seek common ground on car chips

The UK-based semiconductor maker, Arm Holdings, owned by Japanese investment conglomerate SoftBank Group Corp., headquartered in Cambridge, had issued a statement on Tuesday, the 8th of October 2019, saying that it was forming a joint venture with Detroit-based US carmaker General Motors and Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp.

to develop a common computing system for autonomous vehicles, suggesting a move to speed up development of self-driving car technology, In point of fact, the Cambridge-based Arm Holdings, developer of the underlying hardware technology for the processors found in modern-aged smartphone, had a long history of partnership with automotive industry giants, as late in the 1990s, when automakers first conceived the concept of adding computer chips into the vehicles to operate core functions such as engine diagnostics and engine control, the Arm Holdings’ semiconductors had been the pioneer of that advanced-level technology over which modern day autonomous carbuilders had been placing their codes.

Meanwhile, in its Tuesday’s (October 8th) statement, the UK-based chipmaker had also added that it had been creating the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium, or AVCC, along with two automakers, GM and Toyota and three industry suppliers such as Denso Corp., Bosch Corp.

and Continental AG in a bid to formulate a flagship chip structure for self-driving vehicles, adding that US chipmaker Nvidia Corp. alongside NXP Semiconductors had also been helping establish the Group, both of which had Arm’s hardware technology underneath their chips.