Venezuelan graphic designers turn to piracy after Adobe cuts service

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Venezuelan graphic designers turn to piracy after Adobe cuts service

On Tuesday, the 8th of October 2019, a slew of highly creative graphic designers had been reported to explore piracy options in a bid to find a way around to continue using Adobe programs after the San Jose, CA-based developer of the designing software had said that it would slash access of its products into the Venezuelan market amid a sweeping US ban to oust Venezuelan armed-forces backed anti-capitalist President Nicolas Maduro, an unprecedented act of desperation of the Venezuelan graphics designers what critics were contemplating as a first sign of unintended consequences of Trump’s trade policy, most of which involved either a crippling sanction or a tariff hike on critical consumer goods.

Nonetheless, following Adobe’s statement that the designing software developer would stall its service in Venezuela by October 28th which bolted out of the blue earlier on Tuesday (October 8th), a perspicacious bunch of critics of Trump Administration’s trade policy had been quoted saying that the latest act of desperation of Venezuelan graphic designers, who had already been languishing lavishly following sanction of Venezuelan payment processing system, remarked the latest example of how Trump’s trade policy had been hurting ordinary people, having failed to nail a scratch on Maduro’s government, accused of corruption alongside potential violation of human rights.

Meanwhile, following Adobe’s latest decision to discontinue its service in Venezuela amid a stiffer US ban, a prominent Venezuelan economist, Francisco Rodriguez, who had filed a petition requesting US Treasury Dept.

to exempt the Adobe Inc. from its latest sanction, tweeted on Tuesday (October 8th), “Adobe’s decision to suspend services in Venezuela has revived the debate over the impact of sanctions. But maybe we are leaving aside the most relevant question: what can we due to mitigate the impact of these measures on Venezuelans?