Emirates says its airliners could still fly to Mexico despite court verdict

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Emirates says its airliners could still fly to Mexico despite court verdict

On Sunday, the 13th of October 2019, Dubai- based Emirates Airlines having 256 aircrafts in its fleet, a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, solely owned by the Government of Dubai's Investment Corporation, had issued a statement saying that its airliners still possessed the right to offer flights to the Mexico City despite a legal dispute launched by the Mexican airline Aeromexico that seemingly had broken off an accord between Mexico and United Arab Emirates.

As a matter of fact, the Dubai-based luxury airlines, Emirates had been quoted saying earlier this year that it would launch daily flights to Mexico City International Airport via Barcelona by the year-end, nonetheless Emirates Airlines' move appeared to be facing off legal obstacles after a Mexican Federal Judge had ruled earlier this month that a pact between Mexico and UAE back in the 2016s did not meet legal requirements.

More critically, the court hearing came as a response to a complaint lodged by Aeromexico, while Emirates said as a repercussion to the court ruling that it could still possess the judicial authority to send flights to Mexico adding that it would appeal against the verdict to an upper court.

Besides, adding that the 2016 MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between UAE and Mexico had met proper legal requirements, an Emirates Spokeswoman said in a statement late on Sunday (October 12th), "We firmly believe that the (memorandum of understanding) is valid and the ruling of the court will be the subject of an appeal by the Government of Mexico. Pending the outcome of this appeal all our rights remain valid and in force. "