GM, Union close to a deal to end the longest GM strike since 1970

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GM, Union close to a deal to end the longest GM strike since 1970

The Detroit-based leading US automaker, General Motors and its workers’ union representing 48,000 GM hourly workers, UAW (United Auto Workers) union, appeared to be nearing a deal to put an end to a 30-day-long strike that had already curbed out a hefty sum of more than $2 billion out of GM’s coffer, which had roughly $24 billion worth of assets before its hourly workers took a bolder stance over the picketing line since mid-September, at least two people briefed directly over the subject-matter had unveiled on Tuesday, the 15th of October 2019.

In point of fact, media reports of latest development at negotiations between GM’s management board and its workers’ union took a sharp U-turn for the worst earlier this month after General Motor had taken an unconventional approach to offer a contract directly to the employees by bypassing the Union, which eventually had met with a steep response from the UAW that had labelled GM’s measures a way to starve out the workers to get them off the picketing line.

On top of that, United Auto Workers had also heightened its weekly pay by $25 to $275 for its striking workers, as the strikes had begun to hit both GM and its striking workers with heavy downfall, as the US strike in GM factories, started back on September 16th, had disrupted production line of General Motors all over the North America.

Meanwhile, adding that a new contract would likely to be stamped as early as by Wednesday (October 16th), people familiar with the matter had been quoted saying on Tuesday (October 15th) on condition of anonymity that the Union and the leading US automaker had reached an accord on a majority of troublesome issues, while GM CEO Mary Barra alongside UAW President Gary Jones and Union’s top negotiator, Terry Dittes, had been finalizing the wordings of the contract over some matters of lesser significance.