Huawei wins 5G customers in Europe amid political headwind

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Huawei wins 5G customers in Europe amid political headwind

Chinese telco gear manufacturer, Huawei Technologies, headquartered in Shenzhen, might have been facing off a series of political backlash from US President Donald Trump and his administration since the beginning of a 15-month-long trade war between Washington and Beijing alongside a yearlong lobbying effort from US lawmakers aimed at barring Huawei’s access into the euro zone, the world’s No.

1 telecommunication equipment manufacturer seemed to have strengthened its footings over the central European soils, as mobile operators from all over the Europe had been lining up to purchase its gears to develop the next-gen 5G technology.

In point of fact, latest media reports revealing Huawei’s growing popularity over Central and Southern Europe comes on the heels of a comment from the German Government officials who had been quoted saying yesterday (October 14th) that despite a flurry of lobbying efforts from White House, Germany had decided to include Huawei’s gears into its next-gen telecommunication network.

Meanwhile, aside from latest media reports of growing sales of Huawei’s networking technology came forth a day after India’s telecommunication authorities had decided to include Huawei Technologies in its February auction to pick up a networking gear maker to develop fifth-generation mobile networks of the world’s second-largest market of mobile data in terms of users.

On top of that, adding Huawei had signed a total of 65 commercial deals to develop 5G networks, more than half of which were for the European markets, head of Huawei’s 5G business, Yang Chaobin said to the reporters over the sidelines of a client conference in Zurich on Tuesday (October 15th), “This shows European customers’ long-term and consistent trust in Huawei - we are really grateful for their trust in this difficult time. ”