Ride-hailing company Uber, Lyft decline to testify before US House Congress

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Ride-hailing company Uber, Lyft decline to testify before US House Congress

Uber Technologies Inc., the San-Francisco, CA-based American multinational peer-to-peer ridesharing pioneer alongside its smaller ride-haling rival Lyft Inc., had declined to appear on a hearing of US House of Representative scheduled to take place on Wednesday (October 16th) over issues related to ride-hailing industry, an official of Congressional Committee had unveiled earlier on Wednesday, the 16th of October 2019.

As it happens, the two leading US-based multinational ride-hailing companies were asked to testify as a part of an inquiry of a House Transportation and Infrastructure committee over claims of malpractices on safety and labour management in a bid to prepare a series of regulatory legislations which would eventually impact the ride-sharing industry in the United States.

On top of that, throwing out a submissive threat to the ride-sharing Goliaths, the head of panel, Peter DeFazio, a democrat, said following reveal of Uber Technologies and Lyft Inc.’s decision on Wednesday (October 16th), “Their failure to appear at this hearing is a telling sign that they would rather suffer a public lashing than answer questions on the record about their operations.

(The hearing) should also serve also a wake-up call to the companies that have flooded our roadways with disruptive technologies and investor capital that their days of operating with little public policy and regulatory oversight in the transportation space are coming to an end. ”