Deutsche Bank Smacked by new laundering reports, shares drool again

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Deutsche Bank Smacked by new laundering reports, shares drool again

Deutsche Bank had been struggling to preserve its reputation amid money laundering scandal with Danske bank, meanwhile the bank had again rocked by new money laundering accusations made by Financial Times Report. As the Financial Times reported, there had been a processing of additional 31 billion Euro for Danske Bank.

On the Financial Time’s article, a Deutsche Bank spokesman declined to comment regarding this issue and he also had been quoted saying, that, this was not Deutsche Bank’s responsibility to vet the Danske’s customers and that business had ended in 2015.

People familiar with this matter cited that about four-fifth of money funneled through Danske Bank’s Estonian Branch, had been processed in Deutsche Bank. While the stakeholders and investors have been fuming over this issue, the Deutsche Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, James Von Moltke commented in a statement, “We have continuously intensified our efforts over the past years against money laundering and tax evasion.

Apart from its financial collaboration with Danske bank, the German bank is also linked with another case called Panama papers, where a stockpile of legal documents from Panamanian Law firm Mossack Fonseca was leaked in the media, in 2016.

While speaking earlier with another press media, Von Moltke was quoted saying that he had not been aware of any wrongdoing on Deutsche Bank’s part in the Panama Papers case.