Apple Pay in EU antitrust limelight as regulators seek details

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Apple Pay in EU antitrust limelight as regulators seek details

The Cupertino, CA-based iPhone maker, Apple Inc. appeared to be at the blink of further regulatory woes in Europe, as EU antitrust regulators had recently launched a query on online sales companies asking them whether they were told to use Apple Pay’s mobile payment service instead of rival payment processors, a confidential EU document seen by a press agency reporter had unveiled on Tuesday, the 29th of October 2019.

On top of that, according to the EU regulatory document, the EU Commission had sent a set of questionnaire back in August to online sales companies adding the European antitrust watchdog had authentic intel than Apple Inc.’s payment service Apple Pay might be attempting to restrict purchases of goods and services made through merchant apps or other websites unless the purchases were made via Apple’s Apple Pay, any proof of which could put Apple Inc.

again in EU Commission spotlight as its attempt to oppress rival payment processors would be a direct violation of EU antitrust regulations. Aside from that, the document had revealed that the EU Commission regulators had asked for intel on whether Apple had prevented merchant apps from integrating Apple Pay in their apps, putting forth a casus belly that it would be incompatible with the terms and conditions of Apple Pay.

Besides, the EU Commission had confirmed that it directly sought Apple Pay-linked intel from online sales companies, as EU Competition enforcer said in the confidential EU document unveiled by a press agency report on Tuesday (October 29th), “The Commission is actively monitoring the development of mobile payment solutions, the behaviour by operators active in the payments sector, including mobile payments. ”