Boeing CEO slammed for telling half-truths in 737 Max hearing

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Boeing CEO slammed for telling half-truths in 737 Max hearing

On Tuesday, the 29th of October 2019, Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of world’s No. 1 low-cost aircraft carrier maker, Boeing Co. was boiled at a hearing of US lawmakers on what the aircraft maker knew about its MCAS stall-prevention system-related two deadly crashes which killed 346 people on-board, while Muilenburg was repeatedly grilled over the planemaker’s delay in revealing internal messages recorded back in 2016s which had mentioned of some kind of erratic behaviour of 737 Max’s autopilot software in a simulation program.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s (October 29th) hearing of US Congress would likely to ratchet up a long over-due US Congressional scrutiny on US commercial aviation safety alongside Federal Aviation Authority’s relationship with the Chicago, Illinois-based world’s No.

1 aircraft manufacturer. Aside from steep criticisms from members of the Congressional US House panel, Senator Tammy Duckworth sprouted on Muilenburg while questioning why the aircraft manufacturer could not reveal more details on MAX 737’s lack of safeguard, saying, “You have told me half-truths over and over again.

You have not told us the whole truth and these families are suffering because of it. Pilots did not know enough about MCAS. You set those pilots up for failure. ” As a repercussion, acknowledging mistakes committed in the past in failing to provide the pilots with proper intel on MCAS before the crashes, Muilenburg said on Tuesday’s (October 29th) hearing, “We’ve made mistakes and we got some things wrong.

We’re improving and we’re learning,” however, the answers would highly unlikely to satisfy the Congressional hearing panel, while Boeing Co. declined to comment over the hearing.