Ford to shut down Michigan engine plan as part of UAW contract

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Ford to shut down Michigan engine plan as part of UAW contract

Dearborn, Michigan-based No. 2 automaker in the United States, Ford Motor Co., had been working out a plan to shutter down one of its engine manufacturing plants in Romeo, Michigan, as a part of a tentative four-year contract signed with its workers’ union, UAW, earlier on Wednesday (October 30th), a source briefed directly over the subject-matter had revealed on Thursday, the 31st of October 2019, on condition of anonymity as the source was not authorized to speak over the issue on public.

Aside from that, the source also added that about 600 workers, who were employed in the Romeo, Michigan engine plant, would be offered with new jobs in a transmission plant nearby or a golden handshake with facilities agreed with UAW (United Auto Workers) union.

In point of fact, latest news of a planned closing down of Ford’s Romeo Engine plant as part a new four-year contract with Ford’s workers’ union comes forth over the heels of a UAW statement released on Wednesday (October 30th) that said, “The Ford deal secured over $6 billion in major product investments in American facilities, creating and retaining over 8,500 jobs for our communities.

” Under the new UAW deal, Ford would be closing down the plant in a near future, the source said, but neither Ford nor UAW commented over a plausible shut down of Ford’s Romeo engine plant.