Deutsche Bahn in talks with Carlyle for Arriva sale

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Deutsche Bahn in talks with Carlyle for Arriva sale

Berlin-based German railway company, Deutsche Bahn AG, had been in an advanced-stage talk with US-based multinational private equity firm Carlyle, headquartered in Washington DC, over a potential sale of its German rail operator Arriva International Passenger Transport Unit, a source directly briefed over the subject-matter had unveiled on Friday, the 1st of November 2019.

Aside from that, the source had also added on Friday (November 1st) that the Berlin-based operator of rail service, Deutsche Bahn AG, had still been preparing a potential flotation of its Arriva, employing more than 53,000 employees across the Europe, while industry analysts were expecting the European International railway operator to be valued at a range between €3 billion to €4 billion.

Nonetheless, while being asked about the financial terms of the deal, the source had been quoted saying that the railway operator, Arriva, which ran British rail franchises including the London and Northern Overground alongside some buses across Germany, could be valued between $3.5 billion to $4.5 billion, while an exact bid could not be revealed.

Besides, latest Carlyle bid for Deutsche Bahn’s Arriva follows a previous acquistion offer of Apollo for the Berlin-based Group’s European railway operation, which was discarded at an early stage over financial terms of the deal.

Apart from that, while being asked about the whereabouts of the deal, both of the companies declined to comment, while a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn was quoted saying that discussing over the details of an ongoing talk was against the company’s general policy.