Israeli minister denied government involvement in NSO-WhatsApp hack

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Israeli minister denied government involvement in NSO-WhatsApp hack

On Friday, the 1st of November 2019, the Israeli Government had denied any kind of tie-up with a cyber hack claimed to be operated by Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group following a lawsuit filed by the Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp accusing the NSO Group of assisting Israeli Government in its espionage attempts which involved a number of hacks of WhatsApp accounts.

In point of fact, latest comment from Israeli government of PM Benjamin Netanyahu followed a WhatsApp lawsuit filed on Tuesday (October 29th), which accused the NSO group of alleged espionage attempt to break through to the phones of nearly 1,400 users with potential targets including political dissidents, journalists, senior government officials alongside diplomats.

On top of that, isolating the Israeli government from the alleged hacking spree that sent malware to the smartphones of top-ranked government officials and diplomats, Israeli Security Cabinet Minister, Zeev Elkin had pledged to send the cons into the courts, while in a bid to distance the Israeli Government further from Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp lawsuit lodged against the NSO Group, Eikon said in a statement released in 102.FM Tel Aviv Radio later this week, “NSO is a private player using capabilities that Israelis have, thousands of people are in the cyber field, but there is no Israeli government involvement here, everyone understands that, this is not about the state of Israel.

” Nonetheless, according to WhatsApp’s lawsuit filed against NSO Group’s espionage attempt aimed at helping the Israeli Government, the hacks were conducted on at least 1,400 smartphones as beforementioned between April 29th, 2019 and May 10th, 2019.