License for US companies to sell to Huawei coming shortly, says Wilbur Ross

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License for US companies to sell to Huawei coming shortly, says Wilbur Ross

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in an interview with Bloomberg published on Sunday, the 3rd of November 2019, that licenses for US suppliers of blacklisted China’s Huawei Technologies to continue to sell components would come forth “very shortly,” adding that the US government had received as many as 206 requests for special licenses to sell critical tech components to Huawei for the time being.

In point of fact, Ross’s comments over granting special permits to the US suppliers of China’s Huawei required to sell components to the Chinese multinational tech tycoon came forth roughly six months after the world’s largest telco gear maker, Huawei Technologies was met with a crippling blow from US government that barred its access from purchasing critical tech equipment from its US-based suppliers.

Nonetheless, two months after Huawei was put under a US blacklist citing national security concerns, US President Donald Trump had pledged to proffer some breathing space to China’s Huawei as part of his Administration’s broader negotiation tactics in an ongoing Sino-US trade talk, while a legislations were inclined by the office of USTR (US Trade Representative) saying that each US-based Huawei supplier would require to obtain a special permit to sell tech components to China’s Huawei.

Following the announcement earlier in mid-2019, office of USTR had received 206 requests as beforementioned, as US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in Sunday’s (November 3rd) Bloomberg interview, “That’s a lot of applications - it’s frankly more than we would’ve thought,” while being questioned on an interim Sino-US trade deal scheduled to be stamped by mid-November, Ross said, “We are in good shape, we are making good progress, and there is no natural reason why it could not be. ”