UAW union President takes leave of absence after federal corruption probe

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UAW union President takes leave of absence after federal corruption probe

On Saturday, the 2nd of November 2019, the United Auto Workers, often abbreviated as UAW and accountable to oversee the welfares of its 300,000 active members employed in Northern American automotive industry alongside 650,000 retired associates, had issued a statement saying that the president of the UAW union, Gary Jones, who had recently been linked to a US federal corruption investigation, took a leave of absence.

In point of fact, latest announcement of UAW union came forth a day after the US prosecutors had sued a top official of UAW, identity of whose had yet to be revealed and believed to be a mastermind behind UAW union’s 40-day long strike that costed the Detroit-based No.

1 US automaker more than $3 trillion, over charges of embezzlement of UAW funds and conspiration with some of the UAW officials to steal more than $1.5 million from UAW between 2010 to 2019, while the charges showed links to the UAW President Gary Jones, court documents revealed.

Nonetheless, followed by the reveal of the US federal corruption probe which might have a potential link up with the UAW President, Gary Jones, UAW spokesman Rothenberg declined to comment over the issue, while without providing a reason behind his leave of absence, Jones said in a statement on Saturday (November 3rd), “The UAW is fighting tooth and nail to ensure our members have a brighter future.

I do not want anything to distract from the mission. I want to do what’s best for the members of this great union. ” Meanwhile, followed by Jones’ leave of absence, Rory Gamble, a leading negotiator on UAW union’s new contract with Ford Motor Corp., would be acting as UAW union President on an interim basis, UAW said in its Saturday’s (November 2nd) statement.