US seeks more investment in AI as China gains ground

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US seeks more investment in AI as China gains ground

On Monday, the 4th of November 2019, an independent government-commissioned panel of the United States said in an interim report that the funding US Government of Republican President Donald Trump was allotting in development of artificial intelligence had fallen short of China and the nation needed to rethink its approach towards preparing an AI-ready workforce alongside application of the technology in critical national security missions.

Aside from that, expressing concerns over China’s progress over the area, the US NSCAI (National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence) had been quoted saying on Monday (November 4th) that the US Government had to apply a colossal scale of reform before it could shift its present AI technology into a more matured tech-sector capable of integrating into the core national security missions.

Besides, adding that the United States had been exploring an option of an allied effort to accelerate its AI technology, NSCAI Vice Chairman, Robert Work said to the reporters on Monday (November 4th) that NSCAI had been holding talks with Japan, UK, Canada, Australia alongside EU over the blazing issue.

Apart from that, adding that China was investing more than the United States in research and development of AI-based technology including Fintech, Monday’s (November 4th) report said, “China takes advantage of the openness of U.S.

society in numerous ways - some legal, some not - to transfer AI know-how,” while citing China as a quick follower of the West’s AI technology, the Panel Chair, Eric Schmidt said, “China is ahead in two areas.

One is in the face recognition surveillance area. And another one is in financial technology. This does not mean that they’re ahead (in) AI overall. China is a “fast follower” but that the best and the most original papers are still occurring in the West”.