EU pushes case against Trump’s metal tariffs at WTO

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EU pushes case against Trump’s metal tariffs at WTO

On Monday, the 4th of November 2019, the European Union, a 28-nation pact of European countries excluding the United Kingdom, had argued at a WTO (World Trade Organization) hearing to force US President Donald Trump to withdraw tariffs on metal imports, remarking WTO’s one of the most high-profile cases which could potentially fan the flames of a US-EU tariff row amid an ongoing Sino-US trade spat which believed to have contributed sharply to a global-scale slowdown.

In point of fact, EU’s push for a withdrawal of US metal imports comes over the heels of a decision of US President Donald Trump back in the 2018s, while had added an additional levy of 25 per cent to steel imports from EU and a 10 per cent tariff hike on aluminium imports from EU under a pre-Cold War US law of 1962 which could allow a US President to restrain or ban imports on national security grounds.

Followed by the US decision to hike tariffs on aluminium and steel imports, WTO had witnessed nine separate complaints lodged against Trump’s decision from major steel exporting countries such as India, China, Russia alongside Turkey, while Canada and Mexico had withdrawn their complaint following reaching an updated free trade accord with the United States later this year.

Nonetheless, despite growing grudges amid the steel exporting nations over Trump’s decision, the WTO panel handling all seven cases had been quoted saying on Monday (November 4th) that it would not rule any verdict before the last quarter of 2020, which meant the ruling of WTO, Chaired by Roberto Azevedo, a Brazilian with known affiliation with the Trump Administration, might come as well after 2020 US Presidential election scheduled to be held by November 3rd, 2020, which in effect would insulate Trump’s dominance over the global trade.