Boeing Co. to invest $1 billion in global aviation safety drive

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Boeing Co. to invest $1 billion in global aviation safety drive

Boeing Co., the world’s No. 1 low-cost aircraft carrier maker was exploring an option to a preliminary investment of as much as $1 billion in a bid to develop skillsets of aviation-industry pilots as a part of its long-term plan to enhance aviation safety, at least two people directly briefed over the subject-matter had unveiled on Wednesday, the 6th of November 2019, remarking a quicker-than-expected industry-wide reform after Boeing Co.

CEO Muilenburg was grilled at a US Congressional House Panel Hearing later last month over telling half-truths linked to potential glitches in its autopilot software of which Boeing Co. pilots had not been trained or notified either.

In point of fact, latest news a sweeping overhaul of Boeing Co.’s core nomenclature broke off a couple of days after European Aviation authorities had expressed a cautious optimism on returning Boeing Co.’s grounded Max 737 back into the European markets.

Besides, one of the two sources familiar with the subject-matter had also added on Wednesday (November 6th) on condition of anonymity as the source was not authorized to speak over the issue on public that Boeing Co. had been working out a plan to initiate a pilot development program following approval of its key changes to Boeing Co.

Max 737’s autopilot software, which US FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) would more likely to certify following simulation tests as early as by December this year, an FAA spokesman said earlier last month.