WeWork data shows growth doubling despite ex-CEO Neumann headwinds

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WeWork data shows growth doubling despite ex-CEO Neumann headwinds

On Friday, the 8th of November 2019, the US-based real estate major, The We Company, owner of the online office space sharing start-up WeWork, which had shelved its IPO on September 30th following a raft of thumbs downs from potential investors, as its pathway towards profitability appeared to be hitting a blind alley, had revealed its company data that showed a surprise expansion of the much-debated company’s office-sharing business.

Aside from that, according to executives from The We Company, WeWork’s growth had also doubled up in size over a swath of pipelines in leases ranging from a small- to mid- to a large-scale corporate workhorse, although the cash-bleeding company had been working out a plan to trim expenses and to stoke a sharp drop on to its headcounts.

Besides, according to WeWork’s data revealed on Friday (November 8th), the office-space sharing start-up had added 450,000 desks from leased locations which had yet to be launched, remarking an almost doubling up in size from its present 520,000 up-and-running desks across the globe.

Meanwhile, in its Friday’s (November 8th) presentation, WeWork’s newly appointed Chair, Japanese investment conglomerate SoftBank executive, Marcelo Claure, had been quoted saying that job slashes were expected, but declined to mention an exact figure.