US Supreme Court mulls over blocking trademark

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US Supreme Court mulls over blocking trademark

Late on Friday, the 8th of November 2019, the US Supreme Court had agreed to mull over a bid yielded by a US Federal Agency to prevent the hotel reservation website alongside a unit of the Amsterdam, Netherlands-based, travel fare aggregator website, Booking Holding Inc.

from trademarking the website’s name, adding that the name was too commonly-used to deserve any kind of legal protection. Aside from that, according to Friday’s (November 8th) US Supreme court verdict, the prosecutors would be hearing an appeal lodged by the US Patent and Trademark Office against a lower court decision that allowed the Netherlands-based popular hotel reservation website to use “.com” to a highly generic word “booking”, which in effect had made the name “” authorised for a trademark.

Further inside the bid, the online reservation service,, had started off to use the name globally back in the 2006s, however applied for a trademark in 2011 and 2020, nonetheless, back in the 2016s, a tribunal for the Patent and Trademark Office had rejected’s applications, adding that the name, usually referred to booking transportation and lodging, was too common to be trademarked and could not be used under a Federal trademark registration.

On top of that, according to US federal laws on trademark and patenting, terms which could clearly separate a product or service from others in the same market, could be trademarked, industry analysts said late on Friday (November 8th) following release of US Supreme Court verdict.