Hyundai to make Santa Cruz pickups at Alabama plant in $410mn expansion

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Hyundai to make Santa Cruz pickups at Alabama plant in $410mn expansion

Earlier on Thursday, the 14th of November 2019, the South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor had issued a public statement saying that the Seoul-based automaker owned by Hyundai Motor Group with subsidiaries likes of Kia Motors, Hyundai Capital and a many more, would begin to manufacture Santa Cruz pickups at its factory in the US State of Alabama by 2021, as the South Korean automaker had been looking to strengthen its footings in the highly competitive pickup market mostly dominated by its US rivals.

On top of that, the South Korea’s leading automaker had also added in its Thursday’s (November 14th) announcement that it would be making an additional investment of $410 million at its Alabama plant in a bid to prepare the factory for manufacturing Santa Cruz pickups.

In point of fact, latest update on Hyundai Motor’s Alabama factory expansion came forth at a critical time, while auto markets were expecting a plausible delay in deadline over a self-imposed decision of US President Donald Trump on whether to incline a tariff hike on imported autos by up to 25 per cent as early as this week.

More importantly, South Korea and the United States last year had agreed to review a Seoul-Washington trade pact which was met with a sweeping criticism from the US President Donald Trump and resulted in an extension of tariff hikes on S. Korea made autos by 20 years until 2041.