Apple could raise annual ad income to $11 billion by 2025, says JPMorgan

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Apple could raise annual ad income to $11 billion by 2025, says JPMorgan

Earlier on Friday, the 15th of November, analysts from leading US lender JPMorgan Chase & Co., said that the launch of Cupertino, CA-based iPhone maker’s streaming media service Apple TV+ alongside Apple Inc.’s invasive leap ahead in to the digital services, could heighten up the iPhone maker’s advertisement earnings’ about five-fold to $11 billion within next five years, lifting share prices of Apple Inc.

by more than 0.50 per cent in pre-market trading to $263.97 per share. Aside from that, raising share price forecast for Apple Inc., analysts Samik Chatterjee had also added that the company could gain leverage from its App Store and Safari browser when it would come to advertisements, which would be almost identical to Facebook and Google search witnessed over the recent years.

Meanwhile, the JPMorgan analyst had also said that the iPhone manufacturer had every potentiality to raise full-year revenue by one-third or 33 per cent every year, which eventually would lead the company’s annual revenue to a $11 billion five years later from a current figure of $2 billion.

Besides, adding that the Apple Inc.’s ad revenues might be hidden in plain sights since the company does not release detailed figures generate from advertisements, JPMorgan said earlier on Friday (November 15th), “While investors are trying to identify the next big frontier for services, we believe hidden in plain sight and underappreciated by most is the advertising opportunity within Apple’s fingertips”.