Japan to follow Aussie and Kiwi leads, Banned Huawei & ZTE Tech Equipment

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Japan to follow Aussie and Kiwi leads, Banned Huawei & ZTE Tech Equipment

As the Huawei CFO had been arrested in Canada, being accused of cover up her company’s tie-up with Hong Kong based Skycorp, that tried to sell Hewlett Packard tech instruments to the Iranian officials despite US and EU banned, intelligence leaks and cyber-attack gossips linked to Huawei devise and their backdoors have been piling up.

In the wake of this terrible event occurred on Canadian soil on US request, Japan has been planning to ban the government purchases of equipment from China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and ZTE corp. to enhance its defense against intelligence leaks and cyber-attacks, as the country had always been the first to serve US’s cause, according to the source familiar with the issue.

Followed by the arrest of Huawei CFO, the Chinese tech companies are facing heavy scrutiny from D.C. and several allies including the EU nations, driven by the concerns that the intelligence leaks and cyber hacking could be used by Beijing to track their opponents.

Huawei has already been banned in Australia and New Zealand, as the Oceanian countries denied Huawei to build up their new 5G networks, in the fear of possible intelligence leak from Huawei device backdoors, as the market has been buzzing with the issue of Huawei devices backdoor’s being connected to Beijing.

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