One week in, Netflix gains momentum as Disney+ optimism winds away

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One week in, Netflix gains momentum as Disney+ optimism winds away

It had been a long week since long-cherished media enterprise conglomerate Walt Disney Co. had launched its media streaming service Disney+, nonetheless, Wall St. reactions up until now was suggesting that Disney+ had even botched to put a scratch on media streaming pioneer Netflix Inc.’s coffer, as following a quicker-than-anticipated evaporation of initial optimism regarding launch of Disney+, shares of media streaming megalith Netflix Inc.

had regained earlier momentum, while shares of smaller Netflix rival Walt Disney Co. appeared to be withered by a fierce competition in the streaming media market, which Netflix Inc. had so far been dominating by a fair margin.

Meanwhile, following Netflix Inc. recent gains and a paring of earlier losses that it witnessed after launch of Disney+ over the past few days, a number of analysts were quoted saying that the long-awaited streaming industry battle among industry leader Netflix Inc., Apple’s long-anticipated Apple TV+, Walt Disney’s Disney+ and HBO HD’s streaming platform might not be as bow-bending as the industry analysts were expecting, and the loss-making media streaming industry leader Netflix Inc., which was pouring millions of dollars in order to create Netflix originals movies and TV shows, might easily have re-installed its dominance into the streaming media market.

According to market response to Disney+ launch a week earlier, shares of Disney+ added 8 per cent to $147.65 over the past week, mostly boosted by its 10 million sign-ups, however, during the same timeline, shares of Netflix Inc., often dubbed as one of top five of so-called FAANG (Facebook Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., Netflix Inc.

and Google LLC.) stocks, had pared initial losses experienced during the launch of Disney+ and added 3 per cent to $302.57, remarking its highest level in more than four months.