Canada’s use of Huawei 5G to impact its access to US Intel: US officials

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Canada’s use of Huawei 5G to impact its access to US Intel: US officials

On Saturday, the 23rd of November 2019, US National Security Officer, Robert O’Brien had urged one of its closest allies, Canada to put aside Huawei’s fifth-generation technology adding that a continuation of Canada’s use of Huawei-made telecommunication gears would jeopardize the intelligence sharing pact between the United States’ and its North American ally.

On top of that, adding Huawei, the world’s No. 1 telco equipment gear manufacturer could expose Canadian intel to Beijing and help benefit the Chinese Government exponentially, US National Security Officer, Robert O’Brien said to the reporters in a security conference in Halifax on Saturday (November 23rd), “Intelligence sharing would be impacted if our close allies let the Trojan horse into the city.

When they (the Chinese) get Huawei into Canada or into other Western countries, they’re going to know every health record, every banking record, every social media post, they’re going to know everything about every single Canadian.

” Besides, recent comments from US National Security Adviser came forth over a chaotic backdrop in Canada on whether to use China’s Huawei telco gears, as Canada’s newly elected PM Justine Trudeau had postponed a decision until October Federal Election on whether to suspend Huawei’s fifth-generation network, but seemed to have fallen short of words after winning the October election and taking the office for his second term, while the blazing issue had been widening gaps between partners of an intelligence-sharing network of five nations such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, widely known as the “Five Eyes. ”