Inc. must check for trade mark violation, says EU court adviser

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On Thursday, the 28th of November 2019, fanning the flames of Amazon-linked anti-trust issues in the European Union further, an adviser to Brussel’s top court said that the world’s No. 1 online retailing giant Inc.

of billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos would not be held liable for accidental stocking of goods having potential trade-mark infringement issue for the third-party sellers, but the US-based online retail giant should make sure the products were legal, pointing towards further pain ahead for the Seattle, Washington-based American multinational tech conglomerate.

In point of fact, latest comment from a top EU adviser, Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona, came forth while he was giving his opinion in a case that sued Inc. over trademark violation issue on a US cosmetic company Coty, German subsidiary of which had taken Amazon to a German court due to illegal stocking of Coty’s Davidoff perfume for the third-party sellers.

Meanwhile, Coty said in a court filing that an exercising of such kind of practices could potentially violate its German subsidiary’s trademark rights and Inc. should be held accountable for storing goods that violated Coty’s trademark rights, while the German court sought for further guidance from the top EU court, CJEU (The Court of the Justice of the European Union).

Nonetheless, as an aftermath, adding Inc. was taking necessary steps to battle illegal products in its platform, the company said in a statement on Thursday (November 28th), “Amazon continues to invest heavily in fighting bad actors on our store and is committed to driving counterfeits to zero.

Courts have ruled in our favour in the first two instances of this proceeding, and we are now awaiting preliminary legal clarification from the CJEU. ”