Daimler to slash at least 10,000 jobs in latest car industry cuts

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Daimler to slash at least 10,000 jobs in latest car industry cuts

On Friday, the 29th of November 2019, the Stuttgart-based multinational automotive corporation, Daimler AG, had issued a statement saying that the Mercedes-Benz maker would slash as little as 10,000 jobs across the globe over the next three years, as the German carmaker seemed to have joined a string of automakers to slash expenses in a global automotive industry which had been duelling a steep downfall in sales over the recent months.

In point of fact, Daimler AG’s move to slash jobs had remarked the third German automaker who had announced a job slash this week, as a majority of automakers had been seeking to free up funds to invest in cleaner and renewable energy alongside self-driving technology amid a much-stiffer environment-protection rule in Europe and the United States, while a steep decline in sales in China, the largest marketplace for autos, amid a gruelling trade spat between Washington and China had flared up the frets further in the automotive sectors.

Aside from that, latest Daimler AG’s decision to trim as little as 10,000 jobs by 2022 came forth a couple of days after VW’s Audi had made an announcement to slash as much as 10 per cent of its workforce, while BMW had also said in a statement that its labour market alongside management had reached an accord to reduce bonus alongside other pay schemes.

Besides, as Daimler had reached an accord with its workers’ union to cut roughly 3 per cent of its workforce, the Stuttgart-based German automaker said in a statement on Friday (November 29th), “The automotive industry is in the middle of the biggest transformation in its history. ”