EU antitrust regulators say investigating Google’s data collection

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EU antitrust regulators say investigating Google’s data collection

On Saturday, the 30th of November 2019, the EU Commission said to a press agency that the European Union antitrust watchdogs were probing on whether data collection method of Alphabet Inc.-owned Google LLC., world’s No.

1 internet service provider, had been violating EU privacy regulations, pointing towards further calamitous impact for the Silicon Valley giant ahead in the EU as the world’s most popular search engine provider had still been in EU anti-trust regulators’ spotlight despite record fines over the recent years.

Aside from that, Saturday’s (November 30th) comment from the EU Commission had also confirmed that anti-trust watchdogs from both sides of the Atlantic, a raft of countries in the EU including France, Italy, UK and in the United States, were conducting probes on Google’s use of personal data.

Besides, an EU spokesman had also added that the EU anti-trust regulators were conducting a probe on how and why it became necessary for Google LLC. to store and use users’ personal data, as the EU regulator said to a press agency in an e-mailed statement on Saturday (November 30th), “The Commission has sent out questionnaires as part of a preliminary investigation into Google’s practices relating to Google’s collection and use of data. The preliminary investigation is ongoing. ”