Labour’s Corbyn pledges to stop arm sales to Saudi for use in Yemen

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Labour’s Corbyn pledges to stop arm sales to Saudi for use in Yemen

On Sunday, the 1st of December 2019, the UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that if elected the UK’s Labour would stop arms sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which the country was using its Yemen war against the Houthis, potentially violating international rules of arms’ trading that clarifies a purchased arm could not be used or sold to any third-party countries or organizations.

Meanwhile, adding that the UK’s Labour would act to stop a multi-year long Saudi-Yemen war if elected in Britain’s December 12th general election, Corbyn said in a speech on Sunday (December 1st) during setting out Labour’s election mandates in the Northern English city of York, “Labour will stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen and work to end the war there, not actively support it as the Conservative government has done.

Labour’s new internationalism means we will create a peace and conflict-prevention fund and invest an extra 400 million pounds ($513 million) to expand our diplomatic capacity and increase oversight of arms exports to ensure we’re not fuelling conflicts, as in Yemen and in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

” In point of fact, Labour’s pledge to stop UK’s active support on Saudi’s war against the Yemeni Houthis, had been the third occasion Labour’s Corbyn made a move that directly contradicted ruling PM Johnson’s strategical dogma after earlier promises to exclude UK’s National Healthcare sector and medicines from a trade accord with the United States which in effect could have skied up the nation’s healthcare cost, and to nationalize a network of BT Broadband in a bid to offer free internet for all.