Nokia names veteran Sari Baldauf as group boss to take on 5G challenge

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Nokia names veteran Sari Baldauf as group boss to take on 5G challenge

On Tuesday, the 3rd of December 2019, the Finnish telecom equipment manufacturer, Nokia Corp. had issued a statement saying that the vintage telecom network gear provider had been sketching out a plan to appoint its former network chief and a long-time veteran, Sari Baldauf, 64, as the group’s Chairman, who would be succeeding present Chair, Risto Silasmaa, who was set to step down after eight years of service in the job.

On top of that, latest announcement from Nokia Corp. to appoint Sari Baldauf as its Chair, would eventually make her one of the highest-paid female executives in the telecommunication industry across the globe. Nonetheless, thus far as it stood, Baldauf’s task seemed to be a hard rain, as she would be tasked with catching up a fierce competition from rival Huawei Technologies alongside Ericsson in fifth-generation network development, while China’s tech conglomerate Huawei Technologies, had already scored a number of orders in fifth-generation network development from a swathe of countries ranging from European Union to a number of major economies in Asia.

Aside from that, the job appeared to have become much-tougher following Nokia’s full-year profit outlook cut back in October, while another challenge that would likely to knock her down, was to step up investments amid a gloomier business environment in the European Union.

Nonetheless, referring Nokia’s move as an affirmative approach, a head of research at UK-based tech consultancy firm, CCS Insight, Ben Wood said late on Tuesday (December 3rd), “I think it is a hugely positive move to see a woman take such an important role in such a prestigious business. ”