White House considers kicking Huawei out of US payment system

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White House considers kicking Huawei out of US payment system

US President Donald Trump alongside his administration had been mulling an option to bar the China’s telecom gear manufacturer, Huawei Technologies’ access into the US payment system in a bid to stall growth of the world’s No.

1 telecom equipment manufacturer, as a US trade blacklist inclined on Huawei back in May after a pre-mature conclusion of a Sino-US trade talk following which both of the nations had witnessed a gruesome escalation of their trade spat, had been failing to thwart the blacklisted Chinese telco giant’s growth, at least three people with knowledge regarding the subject-matter had unveiled on Tuesday, the 3rd of December 2019.

Aside from that, one of the sources had also added that the plan to stiffen blacklist on China’s Huawei Technologies, would likely to include the Chinese telco giant and the world’s second-largest smartphone vendor behind S.

Korea’s Samsung Electronics, in to a Specially Designated Nationals list of the US Treasury Department, while another White House source, who was backing the move, was quoted saying on Tuesday (December 3rd) that the ban could get far more stiffened in the coming months, while the next US move would depend on how things were going with the Huawei Technologies, which somehow had managed to bypass a crippling US sanction aimed at preventing it from purchasing US specialty tech supplies.