Volkswagen headquarter ransacked again on emission cheating scandal

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Volkswagen headquarter ransacked again on emission cheating scandal

On Tuesday, the 3rd of December 2019, a bunch of German public prosecutors had raided the Volkswagen AG’s headquarter in Wolfsburg, Germany, in a bid to gather further intel regarding the automaker’s diesel emission cheating scandal.

In point of fact, world’s top-selling carmaker excluding trucks, Volkswagen AG, had been the first automotive industry Goliath to confess its cheating in the US emission tests for diesel-run vehicles back in the 2015s, when the German leading automaker had admitted that its diesel-run vehicles had pre-installed software that could avert US emission tests, nonetheless, followed by the confession, Volkswagen officials were cooperating with officials from both sides of the Atlantic.

Nonetheless, following Tuesday’s (December 3rd) raid, a VW spokeswoman was quoted saying that the raids were tied to a probe into diesel-run cars having an engine type EA 228, an advanced model of its prior EA 189 which had been at the core of its emission cheating scandal.

On top of that, prior to Tuesday’s (December 3rd) raid, Volkswagen was quoted saying that its vehicles with EA 288 engines had never experienced any kind of diesel filter failure, while the engines were also complying with the emission limits set by the regulators in both EU and US.

Besides, VW had also added earlier that the engines did not have any illegal device installed to cheat on emission tests.