UAW calls interim president Gamble to head union until 2022

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UAW calls interim president Gamble to head union until 2022

On Thursday, the 5th of December 2019, the Detroit-based union for automotive industry workers having a total of 300,000 current members alongside another 600,000 retired workers in the United States and China, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union had named its interim president Rory Gamble as the union boss until June 2022, remarking a major turn of events following a criminal probe on UAW over illegal payoffs that sent a shockwave through the auto workers' union.

Nonetheless, since the criminal probe was brought in to light following wrap-up of a 40-day long UAW union’s strike with the US leading automaker General Motors, that costed the $24-billion Detroit-based automaker a whopping sum of $3 billion, a number of analysts had raised questions over the sources of illegal payoffs which had been the centre of the criminal investigation on UAW.

However, UAW’s latest announcement to name Gamble as the union’s President until 2022 came forth after Gamble had pledged to a string of sweeping reforms into the largest auto industry workers’ union in the Northern America.

Meanwhile, followed by Thursday’s (December 5th) announcement, pledging to a number of reforms aimed at avoiding a possible US government takeover, Gamble, 64 said in a statement late on Thursday (December 5th), “There are difficult decisions that will need to be made in the coming months for our members.

But I promise one thing, when I retire and turn over this office, we will deliver a clean union on solid footing. ”