Labour group accuses Google of illegally firing workers to choke unionism

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Labour group accuses Google of illegally firing workers to choke unionism

Late on Thursday, the 5th of December 2019, The Communications Workers of America, the largest communication and media labour union in the United States accountable to oversee the welfare of more than 700,000 workers in US and another 8,000 in Canada, had sued the Alphabet Inc.-owned search engine behemoth, Google LLC., accusing the world’s No.

1 internet service provider of illegal firing of four of its employees in a bid to prevent workers from getting involved in union-related activities. The complaint, filed as a Federal Labour Charge against Google LLC. on Thursday (December 5th), would set out an investigation from National Labour Relations Board to find out whether the search engine giant was actively involved to violate four of its employees’ rights who were sacked recently due to engaging in union related activities, while if proven the probe would raise significant concerns on working condition in the Google LLC.

and would result in punitive measures for the Silicon Valley giant. According to the Federal Labour Charge filed against the Google LLC. late on Thursday (December 5th) seen by a press agency reporter, the filing stated, “Google fired the four named employees to discourage and chill employees from engaging in protected concerted and union activities.

Its actions are the antithesis of the freedoms and transparency it publicly touts,” nonetheless, as an aftermath, a spokesman for Google LLC was quoted saying on Friday (December 6th) that the company had fired four of its employees due to potential violation of its data-security policies.