US ITC to review iPhone ban ruling on patent issue

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US ITC to review iPhone ban ruling on patent issue

On Wednesday, December 12th, the US international trade commission had said that they would review the ruling that banned iPhone imports in to US. However, Qualcomm and Apple had been locked in a number of disputes including Apple’s accusation of Qualcomm’s unfair patent license practice.

However, recently Qualcomm won a case against Apple, that accused Apple of patent infringement and might result in ban of several iPhone models. Qualcomm had filed the ITC case against Apple Inc. in July 2017, accusing that a number of iPhone models contained Intel chips that infringed 6 patents and helped the smartphone battery heath.

During the case, Qualcomm did not accuse the whole Apple Inc. of violating patents, instead, it accused a number of iPhone models that implement the chips in a certain manner to improve the battery health, which resembled the way Qualcomm did.

However, the ITC told on Wednesday, December 12th, that they would review, whether Apple is involved in infringement. The review of the ruling would also involve how long it would take for Apple to design around the battery saving design of Qualcomm.

In fact, it would also include whether the patent infringement could jeopardize the US national security in any way. "We are pleased that the Commission is going to review the Administrative Law Judge’s recommendation that no ITC remedy should result from a finding of infringement," Qualcomm’s executive vice president, Don Rosenberg said in response.