Lebanon receives Interpol arrest warrant for ex-Nissan boss Ghosn

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Lebanon receives Interpol arrest warrant for ex-Nissan boss Ghosn

In a latest turn of event on Ghosn escape saga, Interpol, the Lyon-based International Criminal Police Organization, had issued an arrest warrant on former Nissan Chair and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi boss Carlos Ghosn on Thursday, the 2nd of January 2020, while a Turk investigation on how Ghosn had flown in to Beirut from Istanbul led to the arrest of four pilots thus far.

In point of fact, Tuesday’s (December 31st) media headlines revealed that the long-hailed automotive industry tycoon, Ghosn had fled a house detention in Japan a day earlier, while Ghosn had made a public statement on Tuesday (December 31st), his first since November 19th, 2018, saying that he had escaped injustice in Japan, a country where a fair trial is a daydream.

A day after, an insider close to Ghosn said a possible delay of his trial up to mid-2021 alongside a strict ban on communicating his wife had driven him to deploy Monday (December 30th) night’s escape scheme, while a private security service jet had smuggled him on to Turkey, where a private aviation service provider’s jet had flown him to Beirut.

Nonetheless, after receiving a red-notice from Interpol on Thursday (January 2nd), a senior Labanese official was quoted saying it had yet to be cleared on whether Ghosn would be summoned for questioning adding Lebanon had never extradited its citizens.