Apple Inc. pushes robot-based recycling, but mined metals still needed

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Apple Inc. pushes robot-based recycling, but mined metals still needed

Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer, Apple Inc., which recently had revealed a rise of 18 per cent in China sales over the holiday quarter on an annualized basis, was trying to make a sweeping reform of the ways it had been recycling its older phones with an introduction of a robot-based recycling, while the Apple Inc.

robots reportedly were capable of disassembling its iPhones to recover and reuse the minerals, nonetheless, a growing demand of electronics triggers concern that a search for new metal mines would unlikely to be stopped in a near-future.

In point of fact, a day after the Cupertino-based iPhone maker had revealed its monumental growth in China sales despite a bleaker November forecast, Apple Inc. said on Friday, the 10th of January 2020, that, the robot-based recycling had been a centrepiece of the company’s recent overhaul aimed at becoming a “closed-loop” electronics developer that does not usually rely on mining industries, a hawkish goal that a number of industry analysts said near-impossible.

Nonetheless, according to Apple Inc.’s Friday’s (January 10th) statement, Apple Inc. had instrumented a robot, named as Daisy, inside a nondescript warehouse to dissemble its iPhones in the US state of Texas, while its Daisy robots would be able to break apart an iPhone to extract as many as 14 individual minerals precisely including lithium.