US to probe Fitbit, Garmin, other wearable devices after Philip complains

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US to probe Fitbit, Garmin, other wearable devices after Philip complains

On Friday, the 10th of January 2020, US trade regulators said that they were sketching out a plan to initiate a probe on wearable devices manufacturers such as Fitbit Inc. and Garmin Ltd. over a potential patent violation accusation.

On top of that, the US International Trade Commission, added in its Friday’s (January 10th) statement that the investigation would seek on whether the wearable device makers in the United States alongside China-based Maintek Computer Co.

Ltd. and Inventec Appliances had been linked to any patent violation issue. In point of fact, latest statement from the US International Trade Commission came forth a few days after the Amsterdam-based Dutch multinational manufacturer of wearable devices, Koninklijke Philips alongside its North American unit, an arch-rival to Fitbit Inc., the world’s third-largest wearable devices manufacturer behind Xiaomi Corp.

and Apple Inc., had lodged a complain over accusations of patent violations by the products made by Fitbit, Garmin, Ingram Micro, Inventec Appliances alongside Maintek Computer Co. Ltd. On top of that, according to the patent dispute filed by Amsterdam-based Philips North America LLC.

and Philips on Friday (January 10th), the Dutch wearable devices maker was seeking for either tariffs or an import ban of the devices which had infringed its patents, otherwise the Netherlands-based Philips would seek for claims over misappropriations of its intellectual property.