Japan seeks Interpol ‘wanted’ notice for Carlos Ghosn’s wife

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Japan seeks Interpol ‘wanted’ notice for Carlos Ghosn’s wife

On Saturday, the 11th of January 2019, a number of Japanese local newspapers had reported the Japanese authorities had requested an Interpol “wanted” notice from the International Criminal Police Organization for the ex-Nissan Boss, Carlos Ghosn’s wife Carrol Ghosn, a US citizen.

Aside from that, according to media reports from Japan’s Mainichi and others, the request was made on Thursday (January 9th), a day after the Japanese prosecutors had filed a charge against Ghosn’s wife over accusation of alleged perjury, an international law against lying in the court or under oath to justice department officials, as the Japanese prosecutors were stepping up efforts to bring in the long-hailed car industry tycoon Carlos Ghosn who had turned in to an international fugitive following his heroic escape from Japan on December 31st, 2019.

Besides, according to the sources, the request was sent at the same day the Lebanese Justice Department had received a ‘red notice’ from the Interpole over Ghosn’s escape to his childhood home, Lebanon, raising tension between Japan and Lebanon, who had no formal extradition accord.

Apart from that, although Lebanon had seized the passports of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn on Friday (January 10th), Lebanon’s Justice department said it could lift a travel ban on Ghosn unless the files required for the case were not received within a timeframe of 40 days, while Ghosn claimed he was approached by the Lebanese Government to become the nation’s energy minister, which had been facing one of its deepest economic downturns with just a notch shy of 50 per cent of its citizens living below poverty line, an IMF report suggested on November last year.