US officials to visit Britain to push for Huawei 5G ban

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US officials to visit Britain to push for Huawei 5G ban

As early as next Monday (January 13th), a perspicacious bunch of US delegates would likely to arrive in United Kingdom in a bid to step up lobbying efforts to persuade Britain not to use China’s Huawei Technologies’ fifth-generation networking equipment, as the newly elected British Government of PM Johnson had kept the world’s No.

1 telecom gear maker at its shortlist to upgrade the nation’s telecommunication network thus far, at least two people familiar with the subject-matter had unveiled on Sunday, the 12th of January 2020, on condition of anonymity as the sources were not authorized to speak publicly over the issue.

More importantly, latest visit of a US lobbying team came forth at a critical time while Britain was expected to make a final decision later this month on how it would be deploying Huawei’s fifth-generation networking equipment, as Britain’s Security Minister, Brandon Lewis said in an interview with the BBC on Sunday (January 12th) that a decision regarding the future of fifth-generation networks would be taken “relatively sooner than anticipated”.

Nonetheless, amid Britain’s uncertain stance over developing its future generation telecom network, the US lobbying team which would try to persuade Britain to ditch out Huawei from its telecom services, would likely to include the US deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger, the sources said.